DAV International School, Mulund

​CTS No. 1313, Ambedkar Road, Near Kalidas Natyagriha, Mulund West, Mumbai - 400080 (M.H.)

Academic Programs  
Early Childhood Education Program: Nursery – Sr KG.
Early child hood education program at D.A.V lays emphasis on
  • Encouragement:  To ensure a balanced development of Body, Mind, and Spirit. 
  • Environment: To provide a Caring and Loving environment.
  • Role Modeling:  To enable children to learn through emulating.
  • Rational : Attitude towards life and learning  both of which are formed in pre-school
  • Approach: Beginning of the Discovery of the self.
Primary Years Program: Class I – VII
Primary Years Program ensures that the children become
  • Confident, well-mannered, articulate and happy children empowered with high self-esteem.
  • Academically strong and able to diagnose own strengths and weakness.
  • Talented and resourceful in multiple ways.
  • Fluent in Spoken English with a rich vocabulary, proper pronunciation and expression.
  • Ability to distinguish right from wrong, conscious of others and service oriented.
  • Inspired world citizens.

The 3R s taught at the Primary level.

  • Reading: The child should be able to read the text well with correct pronunciation.
  • Writing: The child should be able to hold the pencil / pen correctly and have a neat legible handwriting.
  • Arithmetic: The child should be able to apply the concepts learnt in his daily activities.

Secondary Education Program: Class VIII – X

  • Secondary Education Program the program lays critical emphasis on
  • Expression in oral and written work.
  • Application of concepts learnt.
  • Consolidation of Fundamentals.

The 3E s

  • Expression and command over Spoken English.
  • Exposure through participation in event and competitions.
  • Expansion – building out from the fundamentals. Adding to it such as through greater emphasis on science and social studies.
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DAV International School, Mulund
CTS No. 1313, Ambedkar Road,
Near Kalidas Natyagriha,
Mulund West, Mumbai,
Maharashtra - 400080

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