DAV International School, Mulund

​CTS No. 1313, Ambedkar Road, Near Kalidas Natyagriha, Mulund West, Mumbai - 400080 (M.H.)

Student Life And Care  

Primary aim of Educators at D.A.V. International School

  • Impart Self Confidence
  • Ensure all round development
  • Ensure Positive Guidance.
  • Encourage Culture of Inquiry.
  • Encourage Independent and creative thinking.
  • Individual attention to the progress of every child.
  • Impart Value Education.
Teachers as Mentors
We at D.A.V. International School take great pride in our team of educators. A harmonious mix of experience and youth is what defines the organizational mix at D.A.V. International School, Mulund.Children at D.A.V. International School spend quality time with trained teaching staff who have the patience and ability to talk to children at their level and help them to become more creative, innovative, curious and independent, thus preparing them for their continued learning.The teachers and support staff at D.A.V. InternationalSchoolundergo intensive on job training and empowerment programs during the course of their tenure which ensures that they are well versed with the current educational concepts and orientations.At D.A.V. InternationalSchool, our teachers strive to be creative, innovative, caring and eager to learn and impart knowledge and develop relevant skills amongst the children.The comparatively small size of each class enables our teachers to give attention to each student both inside and outside the classroom.

Parents as Partners
The school firmly believes in sustained partnership with parents for optimum development of the student. As a part of this initiative, regular interactions and meetings with parents shall be organized with the objective of discussing the progress of each child.

Contact with Parents
The school firmly believes for the healthy development of a child, both parents and teachers are to be partners in the teaching-learning process. So regular Open Days and Parent Teacher Meetings are held before and after each test/exam.
It is mandatory for parents to attend these interactions. To keep the parents in touch with the school activities, three issues of our in-house Newsletter are sent to them. Besides this, parents may visit the school on the first and third Saturday of every month to be in touch with the teachers.

Counseling Services
At D.A.V International School we have on our panel some of the eminent counseling experts of the country. These experts enable us to better understand child psychology through various training and workshop sessions. The experts are available on weekly or fortnightly basis and help the children in understanding there ourselves, issues pertaining to adolescences or any other matter which they would like to share with someone they trust. The idea is to provide a setup in which the children can openly discuss and we as teachers and parents enable them to grow to be sound and focused individuals.




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DAV International School, Mulund
CTS No. 1313, Ambedkar Road,
Near Kalidas Natyagriha,
Mulund West, Mumbai,
Maharashtra - 400080

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